Post under VS2PCG by: PauperTim on July 20, 2017
Change the World Loyalty Plot Twist

We have 3 spoilers today for you, two of which are for this current round of spoilers focusing on the Champions team,and a teaser for the next team that to be spoiled tomorrow. Let's jump into the fun!

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Post under VS2PCG by: Team Daredevil on July 16, 2017
Viv Vision Main Character Level 1

Welcome back to another exclusive spoiler here on Our last legacy spoiler was Daredevil and today we have the Team Daredevil podcast with us who are gracious enough to share their spoilers here today. The Team Daredevil Podcast is based in New Zealand from Iain and Ben. Now let's look at the spoilers they have to share, Viv Vision MC level 1 and 2.

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Post under VS2PCG by: Team Attack on May 9, 2017
Daredevil Main Character Level 3

As a resident of Hells Kitchen Dare Devil is no stranger to being at the bottom. He has to scrape and claw and fight to get any respect, and even then he doesn't get very much. But he is a man who never gives up, and when he saw his nemesis, the Kingpin, up his game he had no choice but to respond in kind. With a new arsenal of new supporting characters, and a new build concept Dare Devil is here to show the world he's ready to win.

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Post under VS2PCG by: Team Attack on May 2, 2017
Charlie-27 Supporting Character

Many of you may not know who Charlie 27 is. We don't blame you. Written in 1969, Charlie was born on Jupiter, where he was bio-engineered to be one tough SOB, fought in a malitia, and founded the Guardians of the Galaxy. Charlie is only our second character who doesn't hail from earth 616, but he has visited our universe before. He's even an honorary Avenger. He's also not someone you want to mess with, just ask Korvac.

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Post under VS2PCG by: Team Attack on April 25, 2017
Reality Shift Plot Twist

Have you ever wanted to turn back time? Fix something that went wrong? Do something differently? Bring someone back? Dr. Strange has the Eye of Agamotto. We have reality shift. Use it well.

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Post under VS2PCG by: Team Attack on April 18, 2017
Ready For Anything Plot Twist

When you're facing greater forces and you have the will to go on. When you're humble few is all you can rely on. When victory hinges on that one extra step, you're enemies now have even more reason to fear. This team truly is Ready For Anything.

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