February 9, 2018 By: PauperTim

Today we have an exclusive spoiler for the upcoming Brotherhood of Mutants issue. We have two supporting characters to spoil for you today, Unus the Untouchable and Sauron.

Unus the Untouchable Supporting Character

Unus the Untouchable ia a mutant who can project a repulsion field to protect himself from harm, he joined the Brotherhood of Mutants to fight against the X-Men. His ability matches his powers in the comics. You can pay Energy SymbolMight Symbol to protect him for a turn. While he still can be stunned or wounded in other ways such as a -1/-1 counter or something like Yondu, he will not be able to be struck until the start of your next turn. This can make him stick around another turn, but due to how expensive the ability is, it won't be something you can continuously do which is a good thing for the game.

A 10/1 for a 3 cost is a huge. His stat block is strong enough to stun most 6 and 7 drops in combat. While he is weak to cards with Ferocious, he can be a huge asset in an agressive deck trying to stun your opponents board every turn. With some Main Characters being able to level as early as turn 2, agressive early drops that can keep up with a leveled main character stat wise is something that is needed in the game. He fits into a similar role as Charlie-27, though without needing any additional support from locations making him a solid card. I could see something like Madam Hydra running this as that deck typically doesn't want locations. This card also gives Viv Vision 3xp.

Charging Leviathan Supporting Character

Unus the Untouchable reminds me of Charging Leviathan from the Monsters Unleashed Expansion. Charging Leviathan has a similar though weaker ability, though less expensive with a similar stat block of 11/3. The difference between the cards is that Unus the Untouchable is a 3 drop with nearly the same stats compared to Charging Leviathan which is a 5 drop. It is easier to use Charging Leviathan's ability to overcome a character with Ferocious, but Charging Leviathan is much harder to keep around until your next turn.

Sauron Supporting Character

Next up is Dr. Karl Lykos, who was a geneticist. He was bitten by a mutated pterodactyl and contracted a genetic virus that forced him the need to drain the life energy of others to survive. He became a hypnotherapist, hypnotyzing his patients and stealing their life energy. After he drained energy from the mutant Havok, he mutated into a pterodactyl and took the name Sauron after Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings novels. He was later kidnapped by Toad who was attempting to recruit for the Brotherhood of Mutants, where he joined to battle the X-Men among other various configurations such as X-Force and X-Factor.

This card rings true to the comics with his hypnotism and terrifying delusions. He has the ability to have your opponents main character filled with delusions so much, that they will even attack their own team. This can be useful to be able to get to an opponents back row character that you may normally not be able to get to.

Remember, just like "Anytime" from The Predator Battles, striking in this situation outside of combat, means that the supporting character doesn't get to strike the opponent's main character back so you won't be able to add a wound to the opponent's MC that way. This ability also does not say the supporting character has to be face up. While you can strike a face down character, such as a hidden or stunned character; if it is stunned already it doesn't get wounded for getting stunned again. It would get a wound if it is only hidden and becomes stunned.

He can fly and breath fire so it makes sense that he has flying and ranged abilities in the game. Both Flight and Range on a card along with a strong ability makes this card something you may not want to just glance over, but something that could be useful depending on the meta, deck choice, and the other support Brotherhood of Mutants gets in this issue or in future sets.

I want to thank UDE for the oppotunity to preview these cards today. Also to Ben and Danny for being so flavorful with the design of these cards and making a great game to go with it. And to our great community we have in the collective.

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