March 21, 2017 By: Theo Coyer
Cyclops MC Level 1

When you think of X-Men, very few people come to mind. Wolverine, Professor X and Cyclops. When VS 2PCG first released, we did not see Cyclops as a Main Character, But legacy has now fixed that issue. Cyclops, The main leader of the X-men is now a MC.

Character Breakdown Level 1

At first glance, I thought to myself, he is very true to the comic book character. Very X-Men focused. I say this, not only because he has lead the team since he was a teenager, but also because he has never lead anything but the X-Men (X-factor, the one he lead, was the Original X-men). Which is why giving him Leader as a keyword is very comic flavored.

He is Probably the first Main Character that needs to be mono team, with his level up condition requiring X-Men appearing by his side. That and leadership, defantly pushes the deck that direction. However, you might be able to splash cards like singularity and Valkerye to help with the appearance of X-men and not be on team.

With Squad Tactics, Uncanny Defense and Loyal Soldiers to help his cause, he may not be as bad as he appears. If you stay on the mono team route, which would be the easiest, Loyal Soldiers will push each X-Men up the curve by adding +1/+1's. Then team attacking with each of them, add Squad Tactics, and get even more +1/+1 counters. Of course, once your turn is done, Uncanny Defense and make sure whoever is attacked, survives till the next round. All this makes the deck seem worth it.

Looking closer at him, he has range, with a good defense. Which means he can ranged team attack with 6 of the X-Men supporting characters as of right now.

X-Men Ranged Curve

X-Men Faction: Ranged Curve
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            He is going to be all about the team attacks, so he can abuse that leader keyword and take all the strike backs, or choose which X-Men to take the hit. The key to victory with Cyclops, both in the comics and in this game, will be his ability to work with others.

            This means, Deadpool is a must have ally. Why? For 1 Fortress he can come back, and you still can recuirt another character. Also he has Range, so team attacks again. He, both, can help Cyclops level and makes for a good team attack friend.

            Before we move on to his level 2, we must look at his last power, Battle tactics. In the main phase, for a training ground, you can move a character on your side to your front or back row. This is a powerful effect to protect your up front fighters. Beast can attack, then you can move him back to keep him around for his genius power. Being able to adjust your formation after battles have been declared, is a ability that can be useful. Game changing almost.

            Cyclops MC Level 2

            Character Breakdown Level 2

            Once 5 X-men have joined the fray, Cyclops levels up. He gets a great stat increase, making sure he can use his leader ability to the best effect. His 8 defense can take most of the hits, and his 5 attack helps get over their defense as well.

            The new power is revealed at level 2. Optic blast. In the main phase, for Energy SymbolEnergy Symbol, he can stun an unprotected supporting character, other than Cyclops or Havok.

            I love the comic book feel. Cyclops and Havok's abilities are Solar energy, which they get by the sun, or by each of their attacks, which means they are immune to each other's powers. I love that the power represents that. That being said, out of combat stuns are strong, but the restrictions on this power seems to nerf it. Looking at power, an "unprotected supporting character" means that it can't affect a Main Character and nothing hiding behind the upfront characters. It is still useful, it could clearing a path to their hiding back row characters. It just does not have the impact of some of the other level 2 powers do.

            To sum everything up, He won't be an easy main character to use. Tricks and planning will help you lead him and the X-Men to victory. I can not wait to add him with his fellow X-Men, and throw down aginist some villains.

            I'll leave you with a deck list focused on early team ranged attacks and finishing with Ghost Rider.

            Cycloptic Proposition

            Deck Archetype: Cyclops Midrange
            Deck Author: Theo Coyer
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