July 28, 2016 By: PauperTim
VS System 2PCG - The Alien Battles Box

Please excuse the disorganized nature of the following, it is a bit of an internal ramble.

So we have ALN-027 as the first Alien MC shown so far which lines up with the first of the second factions MCs from the first two small expansion sets. Assuming 4 MCs per faction and two levels of each MC, the numbers would be:

27 - The Perfect Organism (MC Level 1)
28 - The Perfect Organism (MC Level 2)
29 - Alien Queen (MC Level 1)
30 - Alien Queen (MC Level 2)
31 - Placeholder#1 (MC Level 1)
32 - Placeholder#1 (MC Level 2)
33 - Placeholder#2 (MC Level 1)
34 - Placeholder#2 (MC Level 2)

35 being a known supporting character pretty much rules out level 3 MCs at least on the Alien side unless there are alien MC cards pre 27 which is doubtful.

35-46 are essentially known Supporting Characters, leaving 12 numbers for character slots. Typically factions have 14 supporting characters, however Adolescent Xenomorph with Legion includes 8 copies and was assumed to take up 2 slots putting the count at 12.

48 and 50 are Aliens plot twists, which there are normally 3 of, so it is pretty safe to assume ALN-049 is the middle plot twist and 47 is a supporting character.

47 will likely be a 6 or 7 drop Alien Queen. That puts 35-47 as 13 supporting characters, with Adolescent counting as 2 to have it align with the normal 14 supporting characters.

51 is like The Hive aliens multi land.

54 is likely a generic plot twist and 55-58 are likely basic locations.

Assuming normal quantities of the cards up to 27 would make it 8(4 MCs x2) + 56(14 SC x4) + 12(3PT x4) + 4(1 Wild x4) = 80 cards.

Assuming what we know of Aliens it would make 8(4 MCs x2) + 56(12 SC x4, 1 SC x 8) + 12(3PT x4) +4(1 Wild x4) + 4(Facehugger x3, Extended Incubation x1) = 80 cards.

That leaves 36 slots left. 54 is likely 4 Generic PT.

That leaves us with 32 slots left which is what we normally have for basic locations. However we have 6 locations to divide those up between.

I assume that there will only be 4 Earth and 4 Space icons as they are essentially at this point faction based.

That leaves us with 28 slots for basic locations. I'm guessing Aliens likely won't get one type of icon and The Company will also likely lack another type.

Here are the results,though the type and costs may be slightly off:

The Company Faction

The Alien Battles Set: The Company Faction
Card Preview Image

      Alien Faction

      The Alien Battles Set: Alien Faction
      Card Preview Image

        The Alien Battles - Generic Cards

        The Alien Battles: Generic Cards
        Card Preview Image

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