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Captain Marvel Main Character Level 1

"And I sort of accidentally blasted him in the crotch. Seven times in the crotch. Poor guy turned blue." - Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel Vol 2 #1)

Carol Denvers started with career in the Air Force and worked with the CIA and even with Nick Fury. Though her powers were gained via an explosion of a Kree Psyche-Magneton device many years later. The energy bombardment caused Carol Denvers genetic structure to be melded with Mar-vell's. Since then she has been a part of the Marvel Universe in many facets, mostly with or tied closely to the Avengers. She has had a few lovers and also come into many conflicts including problems of her own along the way.


Woman of War (4) When Captain Marvel stuns an enemy character in combat, she gains an XP.

This is quite a bit of experience unless you are combining her with X-Men to allow for X-Factor. Her level up condition does work with Team Attacks which is very nice. Her level up condition can be hard if the opponent is playing several defensive plot twists, especially things like Shock to the System or Think Again; or if they suicide or hide away from her denying her experience. With cards like Charlie-27 in the meta, it will be much harder to keep a huge Captain Marvel in front of an army of characters with range in the back row.

Captain Marvel Main Character Level 2

Keyword Powers and Stats

Captain Marvel starts off as a respectible 2/4 with 6 health with Flight, Range, and AKA Ms. Marvel. Her level 2 stats increase to a 4/6 which isn't large compared to most other Main Characters, though she has the ability to get bigger, as well as having Flight and Range.

The AKA keyword was introduced in the A-Force Expansion. It counts the SC Ms. Marvel as the same character for uniqueness and for powering up. For full updated rules on the AKA keyword, check out the most recent version of the Compiled Rulebook.

Super Powers

Level 1 Power: Energy Absorbtion - Main Energy Symbol: Put a +1/+1 counter on Captain Marvel for each other range character on your side.

This ability allows you to drop a lot of low cost range characters and get her big quick. Along with "You Won't Like Her When She's Angry", her typical strategy is to get large with this quick and follow up with Meggan and other low costed characters hiding behind her to get a lot of counters on both of them quickly. This ability is great to protect your back row though beware of spending too many cards/resources into getting her huge as there are many ways to deal with a lot of counters currently.

Level 2 Power: Photonic Blast - Main Skill Symbol: Put a -1/-1 counter on an enemy character for each +1/+1 counter on Captain Marvel.

Out of combat stuns are highly valued in this game, though this one does require you to have a plethora of counters on Ms Marvel for this ability to really pay off. There is an interesting dynamic here due to wanting to make Captain Marvel large to protect your other range characters, but at the same time, save enough ammunition so that later in the game you can take full advantage of her Photonic Blast ability.

Deck Construction

This deck calls for a plethora, if not almost all characters to have range in order to help strengthen her Energy Absortion super power which also increases the potency of her Photonic Blast. The A-Force team has a couple very good ranged characters that would be good for a Captain Marvel Deck, most notably; Meggan. Past that, most players opt to look to other teams to get the best ranged drops out there to fill out their deck. Some go for a lot of low cost range characters to max out energy absorbtion, though others rely on a standard curve with the best range characters lining every spot. Often Star-Lord SC is tossed in there to aid in team attacks against stronger characters.

Lambert in the Predator Expansion I think will be a gem for Captain Marvel decks, allowing you to more easily splash plot twists from other factions with your assembled range team. I'm sure there will be other cards that will be attempted as well in due time, such as Ahura from Monsters Unleashed. Will Captain Marvel ever have what it takes to rise back up to the top ranks again? I'm doubtful but you should go and play her and find out!

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