July 30, 2017 By: PauperTim

We have two creatures to reveal today for the Leviathan Faction and like the other Leviathan Monsters, they are One of a Kind.

Fanged Leviathan Supporting Character

I'm starting off with this one our of the two, because I believe it has more discussion points. Right now from what we've seen, this seems to be a solid card, but not overwhelmingly powerful either at first glance for the current meta. We've seen Comet Fall on another SC already in the set and I think it is a very strong ability.

Green Goblin SC was played for a brief time by some players and he only gives -1/-1 counters to one row. This card has a comparable stat line to that of Green Goblin SC, in the fact that Green Goblin is a 4/3 with 1 life and this card is a 3/4 with 1 life. While Fanged Leviathan loses flight and the ability to have multiple copies like Green Goblin SC, I think Comet Fall makes up for it by being able to hit all enemy characters.

But wait, there's more! Sudden Impact is a very interesting ability that may come of more use if design space heads that way, but it is a solid ability overall. Often you won't get to turn 3 without wounding an opponent's MC, but I've definitely had that happen vs some stalling decks before.

The most interesting thing is that it could become more useful later on if we get more MC's that act like Sister Ripley level 2, where you KO the original one and put out a new one. It would be interesting to see a MC that is like Sister Ripley level 2 and Sister Grimm where this card would often add a wound. The design space is there if a character would fit something like that thematically.

Serpentine Leviathan Supporting Character

Just to clarify what Super powers are, they are abilities with a location cost to activate on them, like Magneto MC's Magnetic Force Field.

This may see more competitive play from the get go, especially if defensive combat abilities become more of a thing now that people are running less plot twists. Stopping Groot MC from using his combat power is huge. Stropping Luke Cage from using Impervious Skin is nothing to scoff at. If timed correctly this can solve a huge problem for whoever is playing this card.

This is on a card with One of a Kind, so I feel like the designers can push individual cards a little more if there can be only one copy in the deck. I think this is the case with this card. Great stats and a great ability.

Thank you Mark and UDE for giving me this opportunity to spoil and tease these cards. Thank you to Danny and Ben for making this great game and keeping the game interesting and full of surprises!

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