July 20, 2017 By: PauperTim

We have 3 spoilers today for you, two of which are for this current round of spoilers focusing on the Champions team,and a teaser for the next team that to be spoiled tomorrow. Let's jump into the fun!

Change the World Loyalty Plot Twist

Some of you might not think this is as powerful as other loyalty plot twists because it doesn't look spectacular at first glance. Comparing it to the combat benefits of Steel and Flame for example, it doesn't look that good on the surface.

However, if you look closer you'll see that this is an any turn combat plot twist, which is very versatile and powerful. Most of the other Loyalty plot twists are Main phase only which gives this a big boost in surprise factor.

This card is incredible when paired with The Incredible *Hulk* MC. At worst it is a "You Won't Like Her When She's Angry" on defense, which in my opinion is still one of the strongest plot twists in the game, and on offense it is better than an "Open Fire". Add the versatility of both and you've got a potent package.

Oh and wait, there's more! When Team Attacking, they all get 2 +1/+1 counters. Is your Opponent's Fing Fang Foom attacking you, boost an entire defending row! I can't wait to get my hands on this card.

Iceman Supporting Character

Now moving onto Iceman, whom is not a mantle character(Sorry *Spidey*), but is still a very powerful utility card. His X-Men Supporting Character has seen a lot of play and I think his Champions character will see some play.

A 3 cost a 1/4 stat block with range and 1 health doesn't seem appeasing. We often have 4/4's or something like Jessica Jones who is a 4/3 with 3 health and other abilities. But when looking at Frosty Welcome, I can definitely see why he has those stats.

As a reaction power for a Skill Symbol he can lock out an opponents character that appears this turn. This is HUGE. Usually when a character comes into play, it gets to make an attack and get some use out of it right away. Well this can shut that attack down.

When a character comes into play, it helps answer a character the opponent has already played. Often a character attacks or team attacks to stun or ko something either smaller or larger in most cases. If you shut down that characters attack, they can't get a free attack on a smaller guy you have, and they can't team attack to hit something bigger that you have out. This helps keep board control.

A 1/4 stat block may not seem like an instant auto include into an aggro deck, but if you can use this to protect a larger character, it can keep you ahead on board control and help you keep swinging. I can see this possibly being used with Captain Marvel Aforce MC as Iceman has range and it can help prevent opponents from knocking the counters off of Captain Marvel early in the game.

This is a super power and does require a resource, but I think it is well worth it. Put this with A-Force and you can try to lock down and keep board control. I can imagine playing this right before an opponent can bring our punisher or Satana to use lethal, and being able to stun the opponents character before they can get in an attack with the character they recruited.

I hope you all enjoyed this article... Oh wait you want more?

New Attilan Special Location

Thank you Mark and UDE for giving me this opportunity to spoil and tease these cards. Thank you to Ben and Jerry for their ice cream. Oh, and Danny and Ben for making this great game and keeping the game interesting and full of surprises!

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