April 11, 2017 By: Team Attack
Havok SC

Peter Hoettels:

From out of the shadows to on the card here comes the ninja herself Psylocke. Man do I love this psi-blade wielding brunette. She has been one of my favorite fight game characters since I started playing her in Marvel Vs Capcom. She has always had some deadly blades but this card takes the cake.

As you can see she is a 3 drop supporting character with the X-Men affiliation. She comes slicing her way in at a 4 attack 5 defense with 1 health. Her special ability is Psychic Knife which I really like this as it makes me remember her original VS 1.0 Card.

Now that we have seen her stats and all that let's get into the meat of this. She is very much built to do some damage as she has some of the best stats a 3 drop can get. She is missing both flight and range but she makes up for this with her ability Psychic Knife, which is one of more fun abilities that we have seen in this set so far. Making an opponent discard a card while stunning their character is a deadly combo. I know everyone is scrambling to throw her in a Mordo deck but I see her really shining in a mono X-Men deck with Hope forcing not 1 but, 2 cards being discarded. I am also excited to throw her a Black Cat deck with a rough shell being Hope on 2, Psylocke on 3, then coming into 5 with Santana so you can start soul ripping all those cards you have been forcing your opponent to discard.

Carlos Luna:

*Cue Radiant Light and Holy Music*

It has come, the card effect of my dreams. As avid listeners may recall, I really like disruption. I tried to make a Black Cat mill deck, I'm really excited about Mordo, I have asked for a card akin to Hypnotic Specter. Well, she has come and she is GLORIOUS!

Psylock comes to us an X-Men 3 drop 4/5 with 1 life. Let's stop here and acknowledge that she's already the best stat block 3 drop in the game. She's lacking both flight and range, but has something better. Psychic Knife. When Psylock stuns a defending character, that player discards a card. Amazing! Like most cards we've seen this set Psylock likes mono-team. Squad Tactics, Loyal Soldiers, and Hope make for a frightening attack. This works while team attacking as well, so a team Attack involving Hope and Psylock would result in you opponent discarding 2 cards on a successful stun. Your opponent does get to choose which cards are discarded, but effectively negating a turns worth of card draw in 1 attack is a win as far as I'm concerned.

Psylock obviously works in mono X-men, buts that's not the only place she fits. She's a great addition to Mordo, Sing, and Phoenix decks. I really only see 2 problems with her. First she's a 3 drop, and we're just getting too many good 3 drops, I don't know what to play. Two, she doesn't have flight... If only there was a way to give her some keyword abilities, maybe for a Lab? That would be sick.

Theo Coyer:

Betsy Braddock, what more can one say. She is a staple X-Man ninja, armed with her psyonic blade.

Now, my view of her card is that she is a no flight/range character with 1 life. Her attack is 4 and defence is 5. Which is a solid stat block. No flight and range is a not the best, but no complaints about her attack and defence at all. Her power is pysonic blade, when psylocke stuns a defender, the owner of that cards has to discard a card. That is amazing... That is all.

So looking at that power, we now have a discard curve. 1 drop Baron Helmut, 2 drop Ronan, and her. It is not a power with resource, which helps out alot. Helmut and Ronan, can get to cards, she can nail a third and Baron Mordo can hit a fourth card. All on turn three. This is an amazing curve and you can lvl Mordo much easier now. Not sure if we will see more of this, but on four I probably play Jessica Jones and on 5 a Havok, if the board is crazy or Mandarin for more discard with possibility of more help. This sounds like a mean fun sort of deck.

I guess that is all I have to say. Okay one more thing, if I had to rate this card on a scale of 1 to 10. I would give it a 10.

PauperTim(Tim Saunders):

A 4/5 for 3 is pretty spectacular. She fits perfectly into the X-Men curve. While she only has one health, her ability more than makes up for it. Having her an Hope team attack together will severely limit your opponents options in a jiffy by making them discard two cards on a sucessful stun.

Watch out for Thor decks and their Think Again's after this set releases. Though if you look at it in another way, they would still be getting rid of a card to prevent the discard anyways so it is a win-win situation with Psylocke. I agree with what the other members of Team attack have said so I'll keep it short and sweet, this card is nuts... well nuts in a different way than Squirrel Girl that is.

Thank you again Upper Deck Entertainment

From all of us at Team Attack, thank you again for allowing us to spoil a card for the upcoming Marvel Legacy Set. We are so pumped about getting this set as the variety of cards and decks they go in feel more diverse than previous sets.

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