March 30, 2017 By: Carlos Luna
Peggy Carter

It's been mentioned before, but it's worth doing again. Agent Carter is an unassuming card at first glance. A two drop 3/2 with range and 1 life, completely average. But anyone who's familiar with the MCU knows that's Peggy Carter is anything but AVERAGE.

Peggy's ability makes her card. Honorary Avenger- You pay 1 less to recruit Avengers characters. Time to address the elephant in the room. Peggy Carter gives us our first INFINITE COMBO! Peggy + Valkyrie + Black Widow = infinite -1/-1 counters. The only problem with this, you have to wait until turn 7 for it to go off. And you need a yellow, and Peggy, and a combination of Black Widows on the field and/or in the bin. O.K. so we've got a few obstacles, but they're not insurmountable. Best thing, we've currently got the cards we need. I present you with:

Agent Infinite

Deck Archetype: Valkyrie Combo
Deck Author: Carlos Luna
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Main Characters

Supporting Characters (28)

Plot Twists (16)

Locations (16)

So let's break down our choices. I've chosen Star Lord as our MC, and while it's true that Peggy's going to work well with many MC's (Hulk, Singularity, SpiderMan, etc.) Star Lord's going to help us achieve our ultimate objective the fastest. Star Lord/Peggy synergy is evident from the start. For a single Academy your 3 drop Avenger costs 1, your 4 drop 2, your 6 drop 4. It also means that if you're lucky you get to play Peggy and Widow on 1. 2 xp for Star Lord and some hefty board presence to boot.

Next up we have mantis. While I've always loved Mantis I feel she's been outclassed by other 2 drops, so I'm typically hesitant to put her in a deck, but think she works here. Since our main objective is to combo off of Peggy and Valkyrie, getting to 6 resources as fast as possible is going to help us. Plus no opponent ever LIKES seeing Mantis across the table.

Jessica Jones. Oh JJ. 3 life tough defender who shuts down powers and can be recruited for 2 (via Star Lord). I had to include you.

Now I've skipped a 4 drop here and gone straight to Miss America. This shouldn't be a problem given we've had a few turns to utilize Mantis, and of course there's Star Lord in a pinch. Miss America still holds fast as the best overall defensive character in the game and that's exactly why she's here. Her job will be to defend Peggy at all costs until we get our combo running. She also lets us transition JJ from a defense card to a tech card and move her to the back row, keeping her around for Psionic Protection. The added benefit, with JJ in the back row your opponent has to choose who to go after. Peggy or her. If they manage to get past Miss America obviously.

Next up, Valkyrie. We don't need to spend any time here.

Finally, Iron Man. Iron Man serves a bit of double duty here. He's a cycler for your yellows (Star Lord's been using a lot of those in these examples), and he's an extra front row defender. He works in the front row here because as long as you're able to power him up once you'll never have to row another yellow. You just start your build Phase, flip down a yellow, recruit Iron Man from the bin, flip up the same yellow, then recruit Widow for free. I always knew Tony would be the one to discover perpetual motion.

The plot twist selection in this deck is pretty simple and focuses on protecting your characters long enough to activate your combo. Think Again, Earths Mightiest, Shock to the System, and Find Cover. Likewise our locations hold nothing fancy. Academy, Training Ground, Knowhere, and Sanctum Santorum. The deck is streamlined by only needing 2 colors for super powers, so you should never find yourself without a location to use.

So, what could be changed? Mantis is a definite option. Her ramp ability is welcome, but could be replaced with a character like Black Panther or Daredevil for a more aggro approach. Plot twists. The decision to put in 0 guardians plot twists is admittedly strange. As we've seen from spoiled cards Even the Odds is going to be making a comeback. Super Senses would also be an obvious choice for the deck. MC. As I mentioned above Peggy is going to fit with many MC's and Dark Phoenix has the best ramp in the game so there are definitely more options for the clever deck crafter there.

Will this deck break the meta? I doubt it (but would be plum tickled if it did). With Lilith, Satana, and Thanos 2.0 (plus a myriad others I didn't really feel it prudent to list) there are plenty of removal options for prevent this deck from ever going off. That's not the point though. The point is Peggy has given us something we haven't seen since VS 1.0, an infinite combo. She was the first female SSR agent, the first director of Shield, and now she's the first here. Way to go Director, we salute you.

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