March 28, 2017 By: Carlos Luna
Squirrel Girl SC

There comes a defining moment in every game where success or failure is decided. Sometimes that moment comes from a mechanic, or an event. Sometimes it's a single card. Ladies and gentlemen for VS that moment has come, and it is good. We present you with Squirrel Girl, the single greatest card ever created.

Squirrel Girl was spoiled in our Thanos announcement, but that doesn't detract from her now. So let's start by looking at what exactly she gives us. First off she's a 3/3 two drop with 2 life. This is already a solid base as the only other character we see who's on par with her is Ronan (and his power isn't as good).

Squirrel Girl SC

Next up, TOKENS! Delightful little nut obsess tokens! When SG appears her angry little friend Monkey Joes going to come with her. Monkey Joe is an irate little squirrel token with a 0 cost and 0/1 stats. You might be asking yourself why on earth do we care about a 0/1? Well because he gives SG +0/+2. SG is effectively a 3/5 two drop with 2 life. Best 2 drop in the GAME! Now Monkey Joe only sticks around until he's KO'd or until SG leaves play from your side. This is important wording because it means if someone ends up stealing your SG her little friends don't leave. Can you imagine, an army of squirrels assaulting your opponents board to claim vengeance for their fallen friend. Good thing Joes only a 0/1.

Another important part of her wording is how she works with Singularity SC. If you use Sing to pocket dimension SG, Joes leaving too. Now let's say you manage to beat up on a poor defenseless squirrel or get over SG's 5 defense. When SG recovers her happy little friend Tippy Toes going to join the party. Tippys going to give SG +2/+0, making her either a 5/3(This is the same as Rhino) or a 5/5. Best 2 drop in the game. Tippy has the same wording as Monkey so if you whisk away SG, Tippys gonna leave too. Important distinction now. Tokens which are removed from game cease to exist, so while Singularity gives you an excellent way to recur a +2 defense on SG, the only way to get Tippy back is to stun SG again (I'll let you work out the synergy with play dead). Those designers were thinking with this one.

Adding to this list of awesome, SG joins us as an A-Force character helping to solidify A-Force as the most formidable team in the game. This means she gets access to cards like You Wouldn't Like Her When She's Angry, and Heroines of Arcadia. I truly feel bad for the person who tries to punch SG and finds themselves staring down the barrel of a 5/7 two drop because of YWLHWSA. Best character ever.

Squirrel Girl SC

So, what does Squirrel Girl need? Nothing, she beat up Thanos and Wolverine. She needs a deck that requires the best 2 drop in the game.

I was going to make another paragraph about what Decks she goes well with, but it's all of them so I felt the point moot. Seriously though, there is little else you can do to make this a better card. You can try to find a way to give her flight so she can protect her little squirrel friends but t hat's about it. Squirrel Girl may not have as many fancy effects or exciting new keywords as some of the other cards we've seen in recent days, but she doesn't need them. She's a rock solid drop that everyone should keep within reach. If your building a deck and have to ask "what should I play at 2?" The answers Squirrel Girl. If you've ever thought about tweaking you deck because it's missing that little something, the answers Squirrel Girl. If someone asks you what the best card in the game is, the answer is Squirrel Girl.

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