Pauper Cube
December 30, 2014 By: PauperTim
Pauper TimOnly 114 more foils to go roughly. I haven't gone through all of them to see if they can be foiled or not, though some I am leaving out of that count because they have no foil version. I also picked up some more Morph tokens due to manifest being a thing.

Quite a few of the foils I have left to get are very expensive though quite a few of them are still not that expensive. I may end up using proxy cards for some of the expensive ones or cards that cannot be foiled through a foil proxy method I saw on youtube and MTG Salvation. I may still get a few of the more expensive foils that are $15 and up, it just depends on the card.

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PauperTim is this websites owner and has always been into games of all sorts. He is a founder of the Pauper format for Magic: The Gathering. You can find him on facebook, twitter or OCTGN as PauperTim or as TheOrangeMitten on Magic Online.