January 3, 2017 By: PauperTim
Pauper Tim

Today I worked on updates rather than adding new content (though I still added an article for organization). I fixed a few minor and a major bug around the website and added a new audio player.

The audio player works like a charm. On mobile devices it doesn't show the volume bar as it is controlled by your media volume on your phone anyways.

The "major" bug was an issue where recently the "paging" of specific pages was slightly off. I had changed some numbers around on the number of articles showing per page and had not changed the paging to match the new number of articles previewed per page. I consider it major only in the fact you could navigate to a page that had no results on it. It was safeguarded from causing or giving any errors but it still was inconvenient for users.

A few minor display bugs were fixed such as the google ad banner on the sidebar had some padding where it was on the line of the right border of the surrounding box. Another one was some spacing issues in older articles which was taken care of.

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PauperTim is this websites owner and has always been into games of all sorts. He is a founder of the Pauper format for Magic: The Gathering. You can find him on facebook, twitter or OCTGN as PauperTim or as TheOrangeMitten on Magic Online.