December 24, 2014 By: PauperTim
Pauper Tim

The website has been converted to being database driven which is great news. I am still trying to feel out what I want the layout of the website to be. For example I am not sure how the general nesting of sections and links will be organized or how some of the detailed pages will look.

I plan on having a breadcrumb system eventually but at the moment with an unknown heirachy other than a few basics, it is very hard to plan ahead for those but I think I have come up with a system that will allow me quite a bit of flexibility in that department.

The website isn't too far from the basic shell being completed from a programming aspect. I am actually writing this to test the website populating the home page and sidebar correctly. All I need to do as of this writing, is make sure the sidebar and home page continue to populate correctly and add in functionality for a "read more" full article view for longer articles such as this one. In fact if you are reading this part right now, then that part is already working. Eventually I will need a priorty system for keeping items up on the main page and I've already though of one that will not be very hard to implement and should work nicely, but that is not required for operation at the moment.

I do need to work on the color scheme and general graphics of the website but that will come with time. As far as the color of the banner, you will have to let me know if it is a nice color or too strainful on the eyes. I picked that at random from paint when I was working on the banner. The rest of the color scheme for the website was from my old wow guilds website that I built. I will be changing it in time but for now it is complimentary enough that it will work for a base.

The top navigation bar is very dated and it will be changed eventually when I start working on the design of the website. If anyone has any design suggestions or tips, or would like to help out, feel free to send them my way. I still haven't gotten the about page or the contact page up as of this article, so here is a link to my email:

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PauperTim is this websites owner and has always been into games of all sorts. He is a founder of the Pauper format for Magic: The Gathering. You can find him on facebook, twitter or OCTGN as PauperTim or as TheOrangeMitten on Magic Online.