January 22, 2016 By: PauperTim
Pauper Tim

I have been working on a card database that will allow me to customize how decks are displayed on this website as well as in the long term allowing people to save and manage decklists of their own. I am very excited about the future of this website.

I have added the cards of The VS2PCG Marvel Battles Set to my database and have been tweaking aspects of displaying cards and decks though it isn't quite ready to release yet but it will be added soon. After that I will be slowly adding Magic: The Gathering Cards along with decks as well.

I also plan for there to be statistical analysis along with different ways to view a deck for those who like to see things in a different angle, but that will be a month or more down the road.

About the Author

PauperTim is this websites owner and has always been into games of all sorts. He is a founder of the Pauper format for Magic: The Gathering. You can find him on facebook, twitter or OCTGN as PauperTim or as TheOrangeMitten on Magic Online.