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January 20, 2015 By: PauperTim
Pauper TimThis week I have did make it to board game night, though we got there late and only ended up playing Legendary: Villains. I had not played any version of Legendary before. I thought it was a nice concept, a co-op deck builder. However since it was the Villains version, the stopping the good guys before they overan to the other side of town didn't seem that thematic as I imagine it would be in the regular hero version. I enjoy playing the bad guy and villains in general so I was not complaining over the choice of it over the regular Legendary.

We played with 5 players but the pace of the game was going very slow. Also the cooperative nature of the game was somewhat lost as quite a few of our cards hurt the other villains slightly. It is somewhat thematic in that sense as the villains only have their main goal in mind and aren't worried to much about what the other villains do. Something seemed off with the game and I think that I would like the regular Legendary more. My fiance actually got bored enough with it due to the turns taking a while and left the game to to play Survive!: Escape from Atlantis.. I ended up having to take control of her hand along with my own.

We ended up stopping the heroes and winning but I feel that the mechanics should have been changed quite a bit rather than just copy legendary. Maybe the villains should have had secret objectives to complete and that the heroes would try to thwart the plans rather than you stopping the heroes or each turn the heroes went after a certain villain instead of the middle row. Possibly even that you had to populate the middle row and get things through and the hero deck was built to stop them. Anything else really would have helped I feel. I ended up having the most points of the villains with my primary hand so I ended up winning but the win felt odd thematically and in the fact that I had to take over my fiances deck mid game.

So the year to date brings me up to:
3 games of Star Realms. Won 2 of the games. 1 game of Bang! Lost in the middle of my first turn. 1 game of Legendary: Villains. Won Coop wise and Won Overall.

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