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March 3, 2017 By: PauperTim

I saw this shared via Ben Ruegg on Facebook and thought it was brilliant. Hats off to Actualol for this. I found the youtube link and subscribed to the youtube channel as it seems they do other funny songs as well. This video encapsulates what it is to play a co-op board game.

When I first started board gaming, I played all with competitive gamers and all of us would contribute strategy on each others turns and it seemed fine. Then when I started playing with some less competitive gamers, I started pushing strategy on others.I quickly realized that it is just a game and they deserve to play too. I quickly toned down my competitiveness after that game.

I still am competitive where competition is the atmosphere. For example, I often play unique and unusual strategies rather than tried and true strategies except when playing against all competitive players. A friend got competitive with me in Splendor and a few other games because he likes to trash talk a bit and it was great taking him down multiple games in a row when I actually played. He stopped the taunts after that!

Also, if I were playing something like Pandemic Legacy, which I have played a few sessions of, I would get a competitive group as I would be pushing to win when even an extra outbreak or two makes all future missions harder.

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