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Post under VS2PCG by: PauperTim on April 19, 2016
Even the Odds

Updated 12-23-16

Even the Odds is a powerful and versatile card that and sees play in many decks. However due to the card's wording and how it interacts with other cards, it can be very confusing at first glance. We will take a look at what it does and doesn't do.

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Post under VS2PCG by: GameTheoryGuy on April 15, 2016
VS2PCG The Marvel Battles Base Set

Over the next few articles I am going to take a look at all of the plot twists released to date and describe why they are useful (or not) and some plays and situations in which they are optimal. The first article will be the generic plot twists from Marvel Battles. There has been 1 generic per team affiliation so far, so as new sets are released the total number will only get larger.

Generic plot twists can be played with any combination of characters on your side, so they are always more versatile than team plot twists. Thus on average they are slightly less powerful than their team plot twist comparisons. Every deck needs at least some generics, though, and so knowing which ones compliment which decks will help when building and playing.

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Post under VS2PCG by: GameTheoryGuy on March 28, 2016
Luke Cage Main Character Level 1

When looking at the defenders spoilers, one thing certainly stood out to me and I've been a fan of it since the hour it was spoiled: Luke Cage Main Character. After testing him in over 50 games, some even before the set was released, he has always stood out as potentially the best MC in the game. That's right; you didn't read the caveat of "except Thanos" or "with Thanos banned".


Starting with 4 power at level 1 is amazing. You can attack many MC's your first turn with no help from a team attack or plot twist. Many other MC's won't even stun you back if you do this. I think that LC might even be broken in this regard, because you can play no cards at all and force some other MC's (Magneto, Prof X, Green Goblin, ect) to defend themselves from turn 1. Nothing looks more unfair than having a massive hand and still having the opponent spending cards or taking wounds. 3 defense is a slight liability, but as you will see below in the Super Powers section, one that he covers pretty nicely.

Level 2, Luke is a 6/6. This is pretty standard, nothing too exciting about this. As you will read in the Level Up section, the fact that you get here on turn 3 is good, and it's a solid base for team attacks.

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Post under VS2PCG by: PauperTim on March 22, 2016
Rocket Main Character Level 2

Definition and Use in Card Games

There has been a discussion of what is and what isn't card advantage in recent weeks after a spoiler of Dr. Strange from the defenders set was introduced.

The definition paraphrased from Wikipedia:

Card Advantage is a term often used in various strategic card games to indicate one player having "access" to more cards than another player.

The basic concept of card advantage is that one player has more cards in hand and/or in play than their opponent.

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Post under VS2PCG by: GameTheoryGuy on February 22, 2016
Magneto Main Character Level 2

After playing a ton of games with the Marvel Battles base set, Magneto has become my favorite deck. He offers some unique abilities and advantages in certain matchups which are worth exploring. While he did not Top 8 at Gen con, there was a Magneto list on the bubble that was later written about. Having both Flight and Range is a big deal for an MC, and can make Magneto useful in many roles, which is a theme we will see later as well.

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Post under VS2PCG by: GameTheoryGuy on February 16, 2016
Location Symbols

This article covers one of the types of cards in VS System 2PCG. While locations may seem simple and intuitive on the surface, they can have a large effect on a decklist and throughout the course of a game. Thus, this is a primer on how to think through the location choices you make when brewing a new deck or tweaking an existing one.

Locations are used to pay for super powers. This is all they are used for, but this is an important role. As we saw in the Storm: Deck Discussion article, this function can be critical to the strategy of an entire deck. But all decks use super powers, and they are some of the strongest effects in the game.

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