May 9, 2017 By: Team Attack
Daredevil Main Character Level 1

First off... Daredevil MC level 1 from the Defenders set up here for comparison.


Daredevil Main Character Level 2


Daredevil Main Character Level 3

As a resident of Hells Kitchen Dare Devil is no stranger to being at the bottom. He has to scrape and claw and fight to get any respect, and even then he doesn't get very much. But he is a man who never gives up, and when he saw his nemesis, the Kingpin, up his game he had no choice but to respond in kind. With a new arsenal of new supporting characters, and a new build concept Dare Devil is here to show the world he's ready to win.

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Sample Daredevil Deck

  • 4x Charlie-27
  • 4x Captain Britain
  • 4x Jessica Jones
  • 4x Meggan
  • 4x Moonstone
  • 4x Starhawk
  • 4x Miss America

  • 4x Call
  • 4x Super Senses
  • 2x Even the Odds
  • 4x Shock to the System

  • 4x Green
  • 4x Red
  • 2x Yellow
  • 4x Sanctum Sanctorum
  • 4x Knowhere

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