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When you're facing greater forces and you have the will to go on. When you're humble few is all you can rely on. When victory hinges on that one extra step, you're enemies now have even more reason to fear. This team truly is Ready For Anything.

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Peter Hoettels:

Here we are week 5 and the next round of previews are coming out and they are what people have demanding PLOT TWISTS. Here at Team Attack there has been much speculation on what the plot twists of the many teams will be and we have seen the newest one introduce a new mechanic Loyalty. The way this works has been described in many articles so I will not go into it but I for one like it. But you are not here to read my thoughts on keywords but to see the new card and with further waiting I give you:

Ready For Anything Plot Twist

So A-Force is Ready for Anything!! As you can see it has a Loyalty cost which is 3 characters which seems very steep but you have to remember that this includes your MC in this cost so it's like having 2 supports and your mc face up when you play this.

So as you can see the readying effect is great with the whole onset of swarm coming out in this set, using this card to potentially wipe the board is a great effect. Just think of times that using a SC She-Hulk to start dictating the outcome of team attacks more than once, or that pesky Miss America recovering from a stun and swinging again and maybe again.

This card is great in a Captain Marvel deck or a She-Hulk deck due to them needing attacks and stuns to level which is huge. My basic deck list whould go roughly something like this:

Ready For Anything Exclusive Preview Deck

Deck Archetype: Mono She-Hulk
Deck Author: Peter Hoettels
Card Preview Image

Main Characters

Supporting Characters (28)

Plot Twists (16)

Locations (16)

Tokens (2)

Now I know this isn't the best list but I think it has potential and there is a lot of room for changing things but, the main backbone of this deck is team attacking then flipping the stunned character up and team attacking again all while putting +1/+1 counters on your team attackers with She-Hulks level 1 power.

As I see this card I see a lot of potential plays that can be made not necessarily be game wining but maybe some definite defining plays of the game that could put you in very good position for your next turn.

I would like to thank UDE and the great team over at Super Awesome Games for letting us preview and review these cards.

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